Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joe Vranich's Report to the State Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing: Subject - High-Speed Rail. Date - October, 2008

You must watch this YouTube video.  Made in 2008, it accurately predicted the future.  Joe Vranich is the Nostradamus of High-Speed Rail.

Vranich was a co-author of a 2008 document called The Due Diligence Report.

I strongly urge you to read as much of these documents as you are able.  At least the Press Release. It may remain the single most detailed and thorough examination of the California High-speed Rail Authority.  

I'm convinced that if the voters of California had been aware of this report and its contents, they would not have supported Proposition 1A, which got us into this mess.

Vranich is a High-Speed Rail expert who loves HSR and found, before the November 2008 elections, that the CHSRA documentation, strategies and plans are absolutely shameful and dishonest. 

You must see this 12 minute video of Joe's presentation to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing in October 2008, and appreciate how prescient he was.

Please note, he's a Democrat.

One more comment here.  What I have tried to present in this blog every day is what I've learned from all the reading I do.  I would argue that you can't fight the enemy unless you understand them.  The Cox-Vranich papers titled The Due Diligence Report are the basic textbook on all the problems with high-speed rail in California.  

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