Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grindley, Warren and Enthoven Financial Papers on the California High-Speed Rail Project

This is information culled from the web-site for the Community Coalition - High-Speed Rail

The papers listed below have been produced by William Grindley, William Warren and Alain Enthoven.  They are detailed and scrupulously substantiated studies of the finances behind the California High-Speed Rail Project.  The basic paper, The Financial Risks of California’s Proposed High-Speed Rail Project  is the top URL listed below.  That is followed by three appendices.  

These papers are fairly technical, but once digested, no one can persist in any position other than totally rejecting this project on financial grounds.

The Authors:

Alain C. Enthoven: Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Public and Private Management (emeritus), GSB Stanford; President, Litton Medical Products; Economist, Rand Corporation; President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service; Baxter Prize for Health Services Research; Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Founder, Jackson Hole Group (BA Economics, Stanford; Rhodes Scholar-Oxford; PhD Economics, MIT)
William H. Grindley: World Bank; Associate Division Director, SRI International; Founder and CEO, Pacific Strategies, ret. (Master of City Planning, MIT)
William Warren: 40 years of Silicon Valley finance, management, sales and consulting experience, including CEO of several start-ups; Director/Officer at ROLM, Centigram, and Memorex (MBA, Stanford)