Sunday, June 10, 2012

We don't need no edukatin'. We have got high-speed rail comin'.

•The California budget is a zero-sum game. Every dollar spent on HSR is not available for education.

•Education produces the state's "seed corn" for its economy. Lousy Education = Lousy Economy.

•Any macro-economist will tell you that the most important natural resource a nation or state can have is its educated population.  Without that, it's a third-world nation.   

•There are open jobs available in California but an insufficiently qualified work-force to fill those jobs.  What's missing? Education.  There are no new jobs for the un-educated or under-educated, un-trained or under-trained.

•This state once had the best -- the very best -- public education system in the US, from pre-K to graduate school.  That education system provided the brain-power/labor-force for Silicon Valley.  Silicon Valley has been California's economic engine.  You don't need to read the rest of this syllogism; you already know it. 

•Governor Brown is telling all the voters in California who put him into office, "Screw your future!  I'm only interested in the next four quarters."  That's his "hard decision." 

•The HSR advocates have it backwards. They contend that a high-speed train will stimulate a dynamic economy. A high-speed rail system will not create a dynamic economy.  Only an already dynamic economy can afford the luxury of a high-speed train.  See Spain as the latest failed economy with a high-speed train. 

•Silicon Valley is a great example of a dynamic economy.  Any "Silicon Valley" is only possible with a highly educated population. Therefore. . . . 

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