Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More about Caltrain salaries

Attention: Friends of Caltrain. I don't know how many more friends Caltrain needs. I think they already have lots of friends. I wouldn't be so concerned about their threats of bankruptcy. How serious can their budget deficit be if they take home the salaries indicated by Will Reisman of the San Francisco Examiner?

I made a mistake. I said in a prior posting that Mike Scanlon, CEO of Caltrain, earns $400K annually. That's wrong. It's nearly $460K. See the article and other fascinating information, below.





San Mateo transit district posts salaries

By: Will Reisman 12/21/10 9:41 Am


Continuing its efforts to be a model of government transparency, the San Mateo County Transit District has posted the annual compensation levels of all 667 of its employees.

In November, the transit district released the compensation levels of its executive staff, which included General Manager Michael Scanlon, who earns over $450,000 annually in salary and benefits. As chief of the district, Scanlon is in charge of managing three different entities — Caltrain, SamTrans and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority.

The latest list, which can be found here, includes everyone from bus drivers to secretaries to budget analysts.


Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/blogs/under-dome/2010/12/san-mateo-transit-district-posts-salaries#ixzz18oW1FYyO



San Mateo Transit District releases salaries of top earners

Will Reisman

Posted: 11/22/2010 5:50 PM

Call it the 'Bell'effect.

The San Mateo County Transit District, which oversees Caltrain, SamTrans and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, is voluntarily releasing the salaries of its top earners, which includes the general manager, who earned over $450,000 in salaries and benefits in 2009. The move of transparency follows revelations earlier this year that public officials in the small Southern California town of Bell were earning exorbitant salaries, including city manager Robert Rizzo who was paid nearly $800,000 in annual wages.

Michael Scanlon, who manages three separate transit entities, earned $400,668.36 in base wages in 2009. The San Mateo County Transit District also contributed $17,150 to his pension, $22,000 in deferred compensation and $19,537 for his health package plan. Overall, his total compensation for 2009 was $459,355.

In the past year, both SamTrans and Caltrain have been forced to cut service and increase fares to bridge million-dollar budget deficits.

Other top earners in the district included Operations CEO Chuck Harvey, who took home $215,337 in wages, CFO Virginia Harrington, who earned $190,217.08 in wages, and public affairs director Mark Simon, who earned $142,654.63. More information on employee salaries can be found here.

The San Mateo County District said the release of employee salaries is the first step in a continuing series to promote transparency within the organization.